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Peter Gunz Explains Why His Feet Were Dirty on LHHNY!

The night Love And Hip Hop NY premiere images spilled all over the internet calling out Peter Gunz for filming a scene with dirty and he explained why to The Breakfast Club.

"Right before we shot that scene -believe it or not- in that small apartment ya been killin' me about, there's a little yard. I run around with my kids back there. They was like Gunz, we need you to go. I'm not thinking, let me go wash my feet, [I'm thinking] 'Yo, let's go.'

"I had to take a shower before we shoot the next thing [anyway] and multiple grains of dirt was on the bottom of my feet.

"[I was outside] running around with my kids, smoking a cigar. A very small backyard."


Here's the full interview:


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