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Shyne Celebrates Hanukkah in 2013

Shyne Celebrates Hanukkah in 2013

Shyne often broadcasts any miniscule moment in his life via Twitter which is understandable since he’s been exiled from America. (He lives in Paris remember? Remember?)

Well, a few days ago Shyne shared an Instagram photo standing next to a menorah. He’s happy about with his newfound religion and he's still going strong as a Jew.

- The image was accompanied with this message:

Happy Hanukah!!! Last night of the Festival of Miracles! Just as Mattisyahu haKohen & his son Judah Macabi & an outnumbered army of 7,000 faithful Israelites defeated the Greeks in miraculous guerrilla warfare By the grace of G*d so too we can defeat all our enemies, whether the demons within or enemies trying to destroy us physical & spiritually! May the miracle of Chanukah be with always! In memory of the thousands of Jews who were burned on the Sabbath during Greek rule! Better a day in the world to come than a life time on this morally bankrupt earth! Rosh Chodesh tov@jeffreyschottenstein

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