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David Petraeus Earning $200,000 as CUNY Visiting Professor

David Petraeus Earning $200,000 as CUNY Visiting Professor

Back in April the City University of New York announced that David Petraeus, who resigned from his position as CIA Director in 2012 after admitting to having an affair with his biographer, would be a visiting professor of public policy at the school's Macaulay Honors College. It turns out; Petraeus is being paid handsomely at his new gig.

According to Gawker, Petraeus will earn about $200,000 a year as a visiting CUNY professor. As Gawker notes, CUNY adjuncts usually earn less than $3,000 a course, while Petraeus will be making $2,250 per hour. Petraeus is also reportedly teaching at USC.

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